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Dive Into a New Coffee Experience

Infusion Coffee & Tea is proud to introduce Manta Coffee, our latest collaboration with a local craft artisan! Single-origin 100% Arabica beans are carefully selected and roasted in Manta Coffee’s roastery in Tumon. Coffee enthusiasts are invited to be the first to enjoy this unique roast exclusively at our Upper Tumon café. Manta Coffee founder Steven Zhao will personally serve his coffee as it debuts on Wednesday, June 29. Visit us at Upper Tumon between 10:00 and 11:30 AM for a pour over while Steven shares his knowledge of, and passion for, coffee with you. Whole beans will be available for purchase, along with packets of drip bags and cold brew coffee bags to drink in the convenience of your home or office.

Balance and Grace

While it has strong presence, a large manta ray glides gracefully through the water. In the same way, Manta Coffee is 100% Arabica coffee that is roasted in small batches to a light to medium roast, resulting in a delightfully subtle flavor. Originally known as cinnamon roast (because of its light brown color, not because of any cinnamon flavor), light roast is popularly known as a blonde roast. With its light color, there is a wonderful aroma, making Manta Coffee delicate and refreshing.

To achieve this, the beans are roasted at a lower temperature, and for less time. Because Manta Coffee is carefully roasted for a shorter period to a light to medium roast, it has a higher acidity level than dark roasts. Those who appreciate light to medium roasts may taste more of the bean’s flavor and even observe citrus or floral notes.

While bright in flavor and light in color, cinnamon (or blonde) roasts have more caffeine than dark roasts when comparing the same amount of beans. However, by weight, the roasts have the same amount of caffeine.

Smart Choice

Manta rays are intelligent creatures, and Manta Coffee is a smart coffee choice. Coffee provides health benefits and an energy boost, but there are additional benefits to drinking light to medium roasts like Manta Coffee. Different studies show that more antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties are found in lighter roasts.

Manta Coffee is roasted locally, and in small batches, giving you the opportunity to enjoy it within its “golden time,” which is 2 to 3 weeks after roasting. Steven’s dedication to the art and science of coffee roasting eventually became somewhat of an addiction. His keen and creative eye, coupled with his love for coffee, led to the creation of Manta Coffee.

Fluid Movement

Steven Zhao is an artist – a painter and professional photographer. He began roasting coffee at home and, as his knowledge and experience for this hobby grew, he continuously upgraded his equipment. His unique perspective and attention to detail gave him the finesse to keep improving his technique. Just as shutter speed and aperture affect photography, he learned how wind and fire affected the coffee’s flavor. When brewing coffee, he discovered a similarity in the technique of watercolor painting, the principle of it being a game of water and time. He thoroughly enjoys the pleasure and satisfaction coffee brings.

Steven was able to maneuver through these intricate details just as effortlessly as a manta comfortably swims in different depths, temperatures, and pressures of the ocean. Then came an even bigger challenge. When the pandemic ended tourism, it was a dramatic change to his life since it ended his career as a photographer. It was time to take a new course and turn his hobby and love for coffee into a new business: coffee roasting. After years of evolving and progressing, Steven was anxious to share his passion with local residents. Manta Coffee offers a new option for coffee devotees in Guam, and Infusion Coffee & Tea is pleased to present it to you! Be one of the first to taste this artisan coffee, carefully selected and locally roasted just for you!

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