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Po Tart is a rich and creamy egg custard with a lightly caramelized top nestled in a flaky puff pastry.…


For the young and young-at-heart! A chocolate chip cookie baked in a pizza dish and bordered with chocolate frosting!


A keto-friendly indulgence! Sugar-free churro cake with delicious sugar-free cinnamon cream cheese frosting.


A chocolate lover’s dream! Decadent chocolate cake topped with a layer of creamy bittersweet chocolate mousse. <strong>Sugar-Free option also available!</strong>…


Heavenly goodness! Choose between our Japanese Soufflé and Japanese Baked Cheesecake!


A time-honored classic. Buttery red velvet cake covered in delicious cream cheese frosting.


Always a favorite! Our signature Carrot Cake filled and frosted with a classic cream cheese frosting.